Readers Reflection 25/18

Hi, I am super excited today because I am doing another Readers Reflection and its not  one where I’m going to recommend. I am going to tell you my favorite part! My book is still the same book Smart Cookie. Ok so, my favorite part in this book is when Frankie puts his dad on a dating site. Even thought he knows he is going to get in trouble. This is my favorite part because, he is so desperate to get a girl in the house that can love him and take care of him just like a mother would. If you haven’t yet go and check my other Recommend post on this book. If you want me to come to your blog comment on one of the stories and then leave your first name and blogging email. Thanks!!

Readers Reflection 24/18

Hi, today I am going to recommend a book to you it is called Smart cookie. It is a very good book but it is for children and usually I read more of a adultish book. But I thought i would try something new. I really like this book because two boys are trying to put there dad on a dating site because Frankie’s mom died. He wants to have at least  another girl around because he misses his mom. I don’t blame him at all if my mom died i would be really sad and not only that but I wouldn’t have anyone to take care of me. So, I would highly recommend this book and if you read it in the comments below rate it a 1-10. Thanks!!

100 WC!!

“When did it arrive?” I said, it was a package! I was wondering when it would get here so here is the story. My cousin was having a wedding and I was getting worried because her wedding is tomorrow!! So, if the dress doesn’t fit of something was wrong with it I wouldn’t have time to take send it back and by the time I would have gotten it back I would have been after the wedding! I went and tried the dress on (I was furious) and thank the lord it was ok. So my cousin’s wedding was fabulous!!

Readers Reflection 4/30

Hi everyone, today I am doing a blog about a book I am reading and it is called Ellie’s Story. This book is a very inspirational book, because I just found out that Jakob (Ellie’s owner who works for the Police Department) is training Ellie to be a police dog!  I really injoy reading this book because 1. It’s about a dog also my favorite type of dog (German Shepherd). 2. It involves helping children or adults. And 3. Ellie is just so so so so so so so so so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

The Three Branches!

The three branches of the government are Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. These are very important parts of our life, because if you are ever in trouble you need to know your 3 Branches. Especially when you are in just the tiniest bit of trouble you have to know them. Like when you need a lawyer you have to know the Judicial branch because they interact with the lawyers. The Lagislative branch is the Congress whoch votes on laws. The Executive Branch is all about the President and Vice President.

Readers Reflection!! 4/12

Hi everyone, I haven’t done a Reader’s Reflection in a really long time so I chose to recommend a book to you guys. The book is called Ellie’s Story Ellie is a German Shepherd I am going to say a little bit about Ellie from the book and hopefully you guys will be amazed. “Ellie has been trained as a search-and-rescue dog. She can track down a lost child in a forest or an injured victim under a fallen building. She finds people. She saves them. It’s what she was meant to do.” Ellie is a very special dog and has great talent I really do recommend this book to you.


The Amendments are very very very important to remember, because when you get in trouble or have to go to court you have to know them. For example Amendment number 2, “The right of the people to keep bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Than Amendment means you have the right to hold or use a weapon at anytime as long as you have a gun license or a peice of paper that states you can have a gun.

World Water Day!!

I chose World Water Day because if we didn’t have Water we wouldn’t be alive. Not just us humans but all of our living creatures. World Water Day is a international observance and an opportunity to learn more about Water related issues, be inspired to tell others to make a difference. People celebrate World Water Day because like I said we couldn’t live without it and our earth wouldn’t be the same without it like our nature. If we didn’t have Water our trees wouldn’t grow and if our trees don’t grow we don’t have oxygen and if we don’t have oxygen no one would be able to survive.

100 WC!!!

But how did she get up there? Everyone was pushing and shoving to see what she looked like and what she was doing up there. She looked as if she was terrified and wanted to come down. She looked like someone was after her and they were going to hurt her. I had never seen someone that scared before and I have seen someone really scared before but nowhere near this scared. I was scared for her I was probably the only person there who was scared for her. Not only did she look sad she look scared but sad.

100 Word Challeng!!!

…”but if I was in charge”…”no you cannot be in charge” “ok” I left the bosses office with my head down. Mr. Grinch was the Big Boss he was in charge of a gas station in the middle of no where. If I was in charge I would pick different things every week and something little and give it away for free. I would make sure every customer would have no trouble. I would love being head boss I would make every thing so fun and exciting. With some help of course, it would be my awesome awesome dream store.